eva clean


Outsourced Cleaning, Hygiene Equipment & Services;

Eva Green


 Specialist Landscaping, Sports Turf, Irrigation and Indoor Plants;


Personalised Travel Services Including Flights, Packages, Vehicle Hire


Dedicated Career Guidance, Psychometric Assessments;


Team Seven

Professional Property Services; Residential & Commercial Property Sales & Rentals.

East Coast Auto Trader

Quality Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealership

Our positive culture guides the key decisions we make; from the people we hire and companies we work with, to how we conduct ourselves day-to-day.We are a dedicated and focused Team of great people who have built a strong community and business relationships encompassing our divisions:We believe that the grass is greener where you water it, that good hygiene promotes good health, that the right career will reward you with a great life, that travel broadens the mind and that everyone deserves a place they can call home.